Dams ~ Our Females


This stunning girl CUNGA "PROMELET". She is Imported From Yugoslavia. She is our Largest Female along with her Daughter Mercedes. She is a great Mother and MY BEST PAL. A real love that would give her life for me.


This is LUCY VOM GUERRERO! She is out of German imported Champion Lines. Very stocky with large head a short nose. Dark Mahogany Markings. VERY Loving personality and can be very protective, great family dog!


This is TMC'S MORA! She is out of German imported Champion Lines. Very stocky, BEAUTIFUL headset, with broad chest. V-1 V-2 Rated Female. Great Mother and puts her broad chest and stocky build on most of her offspring.


Meet MASHA VOM GUERRERO! She is out of German Imported Champion Lines . She is V1 & V2 rated  Very stocky with large chest. Good watch dog that wants to protect. Is a very good mother with large healthy puppies who exhibit her even temperament and need to protect.



This amazing girl is BEATRISH VOM HOGNADOTTIR, she is from Hognadottir Kennels. Beatrish is avery Large Germen Girl with solid champions behind her.  She has a Large Head and Short Nose.  Exceptionally sweet giving temperament and a great mother of large litters.

Eloni S Berega Turi has large bones with a head the size of a basketball that she passes on to her puppies. She is very sweet for a big girl.  She is imported from Russia and is one of our largest females.